2017 Game Changer: Kaley Gagnon

By Mia Mancini

Jun. 26, 2017

Kaley Gagnon, AT&T
Kaley Gagnon, assistant vice president of integrated product strategy, AT&T Inc., Palo Alto, California

With a decade of experience in high-visibility roles, Kaley Gagnon plays an integral role in AT&T’s success. As associate vice president of staffing, Gagnon attracts highly skilled, diverse talent in a competitive environment.

She leads a team responsible for talent-acquisition strategy for college hiring programs and on-campus activities. “This perfectly matches her longtime passion for education,” said Scott S. Smith, senior vice president of human resources operations, in his recommendation letter.

Gagnon, 33, also works to develop deeper relationships with minority-serving institutions. Under her leadership, more than 50 percent of internship program participants in 2016 were women and more than 50 percent were people of color. She uses diversity to build teamwork, which sparks innovation and drives success.

She maintains strategic relationships and simplifies the communication channel as manager of AT&T’s Client Executive university program. She has helped connect more at-risk high school students in AT&T’s Aspire program with potential universities. She addresses millennials’ core values by highlighting AT&T’s diversity and inclusive culture, limitless development avenues and community support opportunities.

Workforce Game Changer 2017 Logo“I am proud to recommend Kaley Gagnon for a Game Changer,” Smith said. “She is an exemplary achiever, leader and strong role model for women across many disciplines.”

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Mia Mancini was an intern for Workforce.

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