Tenzo + Workforce.com

Labour analytics on another level.

By syncing Workforce.com schedule and timesheet data with your POS, Tenzo visualises key labour metrics, and helps you build accurate schedules across all locations.

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Using Tenzo with Workforce.com

Frontline managers instinctively know that the best rota for next week isn't always the same one from last week. With Workforce.com connected to Tenzo alongside your POS data, you'll get robust reporting and visualisations of key labour metrics across all locations.

Labour costs indexed against revenue.

Want to know your labour costs as a percentage of hourly sales? What about visualising your cost of labour versus your total sales? Tenzo brings POS and timesheet data together with robust reporting dashboards, so you can make better decisions.

The right information across every location.

With Workforce.com attendance data synced to Tenzo, their reporting platform automatically brings together information from all of your locations, giving your senior management team visibility of the entire business, in real-time.

Securely developed & maintained inhouse

Our team of implementation engineers build and maintain our partner integrations. Every integration has stringent testing and error monitoring, to ensure that it works when you need it most.

Time tracking minus the tedious admin.

Case Study: Payroll in 1/4 of the time.

" It's allowed us to build up data on staff costings. It just saves so much time. Payroll 8 years ago was a 3 or 4 day job, we can now move it through in hours."

— Richard Weeks, General Manager, Hunley Hotel & Golf Club

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