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Get new hires scheduled faster.

Seamlessly synchronise successful candidate data between Teamtailor and to get staff working sooner.

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Using Teamtailor with

Why duplicate efforts across multiple systems when you can simplify your workflows? With the Teamtailor and Workforce integration, you'll streamline your processes and save yourself time.

Say goodbye to duplicate data entry.

As soon as you hire a candidate in Teamtailor, their information is synced to Workforce, instantly creating a new employee profile without the need for manual copy-and-paste between platforms.

Faster recruitment = quicker scheduling.

With Teamtailor's comprehensive applicant tracking system connected to Workforce, you'll accelerate your hiring process and onboard those new employees faster than ever before.

Securely developed & maintained inhouse

Our team of implementation engineers build and maintain our point of sale integrations. Every integration has stringent testing and error monitoring, to ensure that it works when you need it most.

285 sites 7,000 employees

Case Study: "With we've saved 25-30 labor hours a week'"

"One of the big challenges they've solved for us is high labor cost. Stores that use can save between 25-30 labor hours a week. In euros that's saving €150-€160 per week per store."

— Martin Steenks, Franchise Operations Director, Domino's Netherlands

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