How to Create a Strong Culture
for Hourly Workers

About this Webinar

HR is always trying to crack the code on cultivating a strong culture. However, doing so within hourly-waged business makes it especially difficult. The struggle of fostering communication, coordinating ideal yet flexible schedules, prioritizing employee wellbeing, all while maintaining operations feels impossible sometimes. However, equipping HR with tools, strategies and programs to build a strong culture, from the inside out, will not only enhance staff satisfaction, but drive productivity and success in the long term.

We’re bringing on not one, but two very special guests: Sheila Farr and Shara Hutchinson. These two are HR experts on all things culture cultivation within shift-based industries. Sheila’s background in training healthcare admin from businesses of all sizes and Shara’s experience as an author on all things HR leadership, both are coming together to answer any and all questions pertaining to building a strong culture within the workplace.


  • What operational fundamentals must be in place & how to provide employees with flexibility.

  • How to implement effective communication tools and open communication channels.

  • What programs should be implemented to promote employee wellness to reduce stress.