How to Stop Employee
Turnover of Hourly Staff

About this Webinar

How DO you stop employee turnover? This age old question is haunting to managers and HR as turnover, especially in the hourly-waged labor force, is notoriously high. Today, being short on staff is the norm, as 94% of hotels believe they are understaffed and retail workers are "overworked" due to an excess of overtime hours required. Preventing turnover not only builds loyalty, but keeps staffing levels happy and customer service high.

Those who fail to stop employee turnover in its path will suffer from high labor costs, specifically related to onboarding, recruiting, and training. Chris M. King, management consultant and the man who, quite literally, wrote the book on burnout, is back to dive deeper into how managers can re-engage staff.


  • How much of your labor dollars are being spent on turnover.

  • Easy-to-implement practices for HR in re-engaging staff and diminishing burnout.

  • Long-term solutions to keep HR and management aware of flight risks.