How to Track Skills
Development for Hourly Staff

About this Webinar

Nearly 50% of minimum waged workers in hourly-staffed industries are between the ages of 16 to 24 making the job one of their first. Those entering the workforce are actually prioritizing development of their skills according to LinkedIn's Workforce Conference Index. Here is where HR and front-line managers can make the biggest difference in helping to develop their staff's skills while reaping the benefits of employee engagement, loyalty, and retention.

Michael Hillan of DriveTrain Learning has dedicated his life to competency and skill development training. With his background in healthcare and navigating the employee journey from the perspective of honing in on business acumen competencies, Michael has developed a niche in tracking skill development of front-line staff.


  • The most sought after skills hourly staff are looking to improve.

  • How to integrate up-skilling into manager's day-to-day.

  • How to best track and improve upon desired skills for front-line staff.