How to Utilize Skills-Based Hiring

About this Webinar

Traditionally, HR within shift-based industries often hire based on minimal qualifications or experience in a similar role to the one the candidate is applying for. However, opening the topic of skills-based hiring to these industries is key to building out a loyal, high-performing team. Even still in today’s competitive landscape, it’s crucial for HR leaders to embrace skills-based hiring strategies that prioritize assessing relevant skills, retaining talented staff, and providing effective training opportunities.

Clayton Lord is the Foundations Program Director at SHRM & headed many of the organization's skill-based initiatives. Clayton will be joining this live Q&A webinar to discuss the core components of this hiring method and provide you with practical guidance on how to implement it effectively within your organization.


  • How to more efficiently assess skills of potential hires and better match job requirements.

  • How to implement skills-based hiring with each step of the hiring process.

  • How to cultivate a positive culture to ensure engagement and job satisfaction.