How to Design a Retention Strategy for Hourly Staff

About this Webinar

Hourly staff are notorious to turnover, costing the business around $4,000 per $8/employee. HR are doing what they can in a world where there is only so much room for career growth and training challenges are dependent on the small amount of time & money allocated. We must be able to unlock retention through retention strategies that pair up with reasons for turnover within one’s company.

Margaret Jackson, a Senior Director at RPM Pizza, is coming on to discuss how to unlock long-term retention, how to nurture growth opportunities, and why it’s important to train and onboard with retention on top of mind. She comes from a restaurateur background and has years of experience managing young, shift and salary-based frontline workers making Margaret the perfect candidate to answer any questions you have to help design your retention strategy.


  • How to identify reasons for turnover and align them with your retention strategy.

  • How to integrate skill-development in your retention strategy to increase company loyalty.

  • How to enhance your company’s training and onboarding programs to make sure staff are engaged from the start.