How to Prevent Employee Absenteeism

About this Webinar

HR is well aware of the conversation surrounding absenteeism within the workplace and it's contributing factors such as burnout, low job satisfaction, and work-life balance challenges. However, what's not shared are prevention strategies narrowing in on root causes of WHY employees aren't showing up to their shift to begin with.

We are excited to have back Dr. Brad Shuck, an esteemed speaker renowned for his expertise in workplace productivity and employee engagement, to answer your most burning questions. From understanding the underlying, overlooked factors that contribute to absenteeism, to implementing proven methods for improving employee engagement, attendance, and retention, this session is your chance to get advice from one of the most highly-sought after organizational coach in the space.


  • Look into contributing factors that often go overlooked in shift-based industries.

  • Discover simple techniques to promote work-life balance, prevent burnout, and create a positive work environment.

  • Learn how to address absenteeism proactively through effective policies and interventions.