How to Conduct a Layoff
for Hourly Staff

About this Webinar

HR is well aware of the uncomfortable, looming task that is letting go of an employee. Without a smooth off-boarding process, the overall employee experience, compliance obligations, security, and knowledge transfer are all at risk. Understanding how to plan and execute a dismissal is imperative to uphold company morale and maintain employee engagement.

We’re having on Stan Navrude of PRA Advisors, who specialize in communication and creating processes with managers and HR personas for off-boarding staff that make sense for their company. Join us for this Q&A style webinar, where Stan will share practical tips, real-world examples, and actionable strategies to help you master the art of employee layoffs in shift-based workforces.


  • How to create a positive employee experience to leave a lasting impact on past and current employees.

  • What compliance protocols are overlooked and how to protect against disgruntled employees.

  • Best practices surrounding conduction of exit interviews and garnering feedback.