How to Reduce No Call, No Shows

About this Webinar

HR managers in hourly-waged industries have come to expect a certain percentage of no call, no shows per week. These last-minute changes to the schedule wreak havoc on present employees and impact customer service and employee retention. If handled correctly with the right policies and protocols in place, HR and Ops will be able to lower absenteeism rates, decrease labor costs, increase employee loyalty, and improve overall culture.

We're so excited to bring on Dr. Brad Shuck co-founder of OrgVitals and University of Louisville PhD Director whose research focuses on core experiences of work including how employees experience engagement in the workplace, compassionate leadership, and organizational development. An expert in absenteeism and a published contributor to Forbes, the Washington Post, and TIME magazine, Dr. Shuck's work on organizational health and employee engagement has been recognized internationally.


  • How to disrupt the vicious cycle of employee absenteeism.

  • How to create or improve upon your no call, no show policies.

  • Actionable steps to prevent front-line staff absenteeism and/or tardiness.