5 Ways to Offer Mental Health Support for Hourly Staff

About this Webinar

The topic of mental health in the workplace has increased in the new year as more and more hourly-waged companies are trying to figure out ways to prioritize their employee's wellbeing. Specifically, HR has been working diligently in creating a company culture that supports mental health issues as many in the labor market are still reeling from the impact that COVID had on the economy and their state of mind.

We're excited to bring on Michael Towers of SHRM and the CEO of Speaking of Your Success to discuss 5 actionable solutions in making over your company's mental health protocols and tactics HR can use to better communicate with their frontline employees.


  • How to best meet employees where they're at while speaking in a way that resonates.

  • How to create a better, supportive culture once and for all.

  • Top 5 actionable solutions for HR to take action in supporting their staff.