How to Increase Manager
Engagement & Retention

About this Webinar

Operation managers and HR in hourly-waged industries are constantly told to engage their employees in order to improve culture, lower turnover rates, increase ROI, decrease labor costs, better customer satisfaction, and so forth. However, mid-managers are left holding the bag; they are expected to be responsible for their team's success and satisfaction, but are often disengaged and burnt-out themselves.

We're excited to bring on Jon Woodrow, a coach and practitioner of operation and HR leadership. With over 20 years at General Mills and nearly 5 years as SVP of Operations at Kite Hill, Jon has led teams upwards of 400 employees while consistently lowering labor costs. With a focus in retention and engagement, Jon will highlight the importance of re-engaging this small, yet significant population within the company.


  • The financial implications and top-down discourse of disengaged managers.

  • Detecting unengaged managers and how to intervene to best prevent turnover.

  • How HR and Ops can help managers to engage their staff.