How to Tackle Critical Workplace
Issues with SHRM

About this Webinar

For our second installment of the HR Hour, we're bringing on SHRM's Knowledge Center Director Amber Clayton who has fielded over 66,000 questions surrounding workplace issues, company culture, retaining talent, and so much more.

Amber will be sharing some of the most pertinent questions from HR members around the world and overlooked solutions around retention, automation, absenteeism and more. We'll also talk about Amber's SHRM podcast with co-hosts Wendy Fong and Monique Akanbi, the Honest HR, and some major takeaways she's learned from prominent guests.


  • The most pertinent, complicated issues HR are coming across today.

  • Overlooked solutions surrounding modern-day workplace issues.

  • Top takeaways everyone should know from SHRM's Honest HR podcast.