Why HR is Key for Your Company’s
Financial Success

About this Webinar

HR is often overlooked by upper management as the department to maximize the company’s ROI. Although not obvious, their priority actually lies within keeping labor costs at bay. Between mitigating overtime hours, balancing time tracking & admin work, and communicating the importance of accurate timesheets, HR is the key to your company’s financial success.

Linda Schiaffino of Coach Business Solutions LLC has dealt with the intricacies of HR-related labor costs and has helped companies streamline their operations, enhance cost-effectiveness, and drive financial excellence within their organization. In this live webinar, together we will explore the pivotal role that HR plays in managing labor costs, including the intricacies of overtime, accurate time tracking, and the profound impact of payroll accuracy on your bottom line.


  • How HR can quickly detect and keep overtime at a minimum.

  • How to keep accurate time tracking and minimize the administrative burden on employees & managers, all while maintaining compliance.

  • How to ensure managers run payroll not only accurately, but compliantly to avoid legal action.