YourForce: Encouraging Employees to Take Part in the Community

By Mike Prokopeak

Jan. 5, 2014

A Team Hasbro member joins two children at an early-childhood learning center to play a game of Operation. Photo courtesy of Hasbro Inc.

In the competition for talented people, companies marshal a variety of strategies to attract, retain and promote high-performing workers. Those strategies go way beyond the standard tools like competitive pay and enticing benefits packages.

Companies now tout flexible schedules, employer-supplied transportation to work and even on-staff chefs who cook up gourmet lunches for office drones.

But what may be most effective is something that costs next to nothing: volunteering. Encouraging employees to take part in the community does good for workers and the organization. Check out what Hasbro did last month as case in point.

So while the holidays are behind us, it pays to remember that giving knows no season. Have a volunteer project you’d like to share? You can email us at

Mike Prokopeak is Workforce's editorial director. Comment below or email Follow Prokopeak on Twitter at @MikeProkopeak.

Mike Prokopeak is Workforce’s editor in chief.

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