Workforce Management Oct. 24, 2005

By Staff Report

Oct. 24, 2005

Manpower mission
By Patrick J. Kiger
The Army must go beyond financial incentives to solve its manpower crisis, appealing to young people’s values and life goals. The ways it’s going about closing its enlistment gap hold lessons for the private sector.

The new way to pay
By Fay Hansen
Forget standard compensation practices. In an uneven recovery, companies use pay mixes designed to maximize productivity and minimize costs. Every component is under discussion..

The Last Word
Why ‘choice’ is a dirty word
It’s time to push hard on automatic enrollment for 401(k) plans.
  In the Mail
A blame game
Readers comment on the pension mess and offer a compliment.

The wage-and-hour game isn’t over
Electronic Arts’ $15.6 million settlement doesn’t mean an end to the game industry’s overtime woes. Employers push back on pension reform. The troubling truth about cronyism. Does your company hires pals or pros? Top dental and vision providers. Companies are pushed to segment pay. And more

Global Issues
High value abroad
The old saw says that transactional work goes overseas while innovative work stays in the U.S. But a look at what’s really going on in China and India tells another story.

Growing assets
Bank of Montreal opens its checkbook in the name of employee development and reaps the rewards in custom skills and better retention.

Local talent
A public-private partnership is gaining ground in its efforts to stem the tide of students and workers leaving Central New York state.

Old battle, new fronts
Most large employers seem to have mastered the fine points of independent contracting, but skirmishes persist at FedEx Ground and HP.

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