Workforce Management June 2005

By Staff Report

May. 31, 2005

The turnover myth
By Fay Hansen
Minimizing churn has long been an article of faith for many workforce executives, but others actively manage turnover for maximum financial return. They drive it up when it is too low, push it down when it is too high, and understand its true costs and benefits.

The gospel according to Blanchard
By Todd Henneman
Ken Blanchard’s One Minute Manager launched a $44 million leadership-training empire, with family and faith firmly in charge. Far from being defensive about nepotism, the company embraces it as a competitive advantage.

Adventures in outsourcing
By Michelle V. Rafter
BP’s trailblazing 1999 pact with Exult has had its successes, but it also serves as an object lesson in how not to carry out an HR outsourcing deal—and illustrates how much the landscape has changed.

State of the Sector: HRMS
By Douglas P. Shuit
Partnerships, hybrid programs and the increasing acceptance of outsourcing are transforming human resource management systems.

Between the Lines
Pension Peril
It’s clear from the United Airlines action that no private pension is really safe.
  Reactions From Readers
Bullies’ toxic effect
“It was interesting to see people who had once worked together so well begin to treat each other badly, including myself at times.”

In This Corner
Core values, devalued
Imagine a workforce that’s wholly committed to a set of values that constrains their behavior, but leaves executives free to do as they please.

Legal Briefings
ERISA provisions protect HR director. Fired pregnant employee awarded damages.

A drag on United’s future
Even if its employees don’t strike, morale and compensation problems confront the airline. Also: Hope for other legacy carriers. A bill would allow airlines to spread funding of their pension plans over 25 years instead of the current four. When Wellpoint met Lumenos. Jumping ship for HROs. Sodexho’s settlement. FMLA reform might be coming. Avaya uses Suze Orman to get employees fired up about their 401(k)s.
Battle of the unionization bills.

Walking the beat in Afghanistan
Working under threat of death and with scant resources, DynCorp International trainers take pride in helping rebuild the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

Who’s hot? Accountants
Experienced people with a high level of expertise “are being barraged by calls from agencies on a daily basis,” an HR director says

Legal Issues
Piercing questions
A member of the Church of Body Modification insists that her spiritual beliefs trump Costco’s dress code, triggering a lengthy legal battle.

Retirement  Benefits
It looks like a 401(k), but it acts like a pension
BM strives for the security of defined-benefit programs as it shifts focus to 401(k)s. Managed accounts, automated features and annuities are aimed at ensuring that employees have enough to last after retirement.

Contingent staffing
Companies embrace the “try before you buy” approach
Contingent staffing firms are becoming recruitment outsourcers for a number of companies, which also are demanding fee-free conversions for temps they hire.

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