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Sep. 7, 2011

Don’t Mess With Carly
By Shari Caudron
Hewlett-Packard was once a consensus-driven, decentralized, “dwindling” company that focused on products and engineering. CEO Carly Fiorina has turned it into a hard-driving, top-down success that keenly focuses on customers and sales if employees don’t agree? Easy. It’s Carly’s way or the highway.

Nasty Business
By Douglas P. Shuit
UnumProvident is defending itself against suits by angry workers whose benefits were terminated or rejected. Plaintiffs’ attorneys argue that the terminations of benefits are designed to boost company profits. At first, the plaintiffs were just individual policy-holders. But now, lawyers are bringing the fight to employers whose workers are covered by UnumProvident policies.

Dear Man’s Curve
By Andy Meisler
Whether you call it forced ranking, the “vitality curve” or another alias, it’s a workforce performance tool that’s used by up to one in five Fortune 500 companies. But most of them refuse to talk about it. Why is that? Ask Ford, which paid out $10.5 million over forced ranking-related discrimination claims.

The CFO Connection
By Fay Hansen
The really successful workforce management executives are no longer just in charge of human resources. With financial acumen and partnerships with CFOs, they are running the company from the highest levels.

Gimme Attitude
By Samuel Greengard
It’s a straightforward concept: hire the right people and build a better—and more profitable—organization. And while many corporations still drool over a jaw-dropping résumé, a growing number of organizations are hiring for attitude. They know you can teach job skills, but you can’t turn a curmudgeon into a cheerleader.

Optimas Award—Innovation:
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
By Patrick J. Kiger
SRA International’s Nurse Advocacy Program, winner of the Optimas Award for innovation, has dramatically reduced its insurance premiums and lost work time from illness and injury. Along the way, the company found another benefit—a happier, more loyal, more productive workforce.

Between the Lines
Making the leap
The old human-resources approaches aren’t working. You’re changing; so are we.
  Reactions From Readers
Letters on diversity, speaking truth to power and the real costs of consumer-driven care.

In This Corner
How we do things here
Training employees in the finer points of compliance law won’t prevent a business disaster. What will? Instilling the right behavior—a sense of “how we do things here.”

Legal Briefings
Veganism isn’t a protected religion in California.

Data Bank
Jobless rate depresses wages.

Caught in the ERP smackdown
Oracle’s CEO is in a fighting mood, and PeopleSoft is not the only potential loser. Also: Bad branding for Abercombie & Fitch. Malden Mills keeps a spark of hope alive. Workplace giving gives way to scandal. A fire department’s four-alarm religious controversy.

Family-friendly in Des Moines
Low unemployment is only one reason why companies provide work-life balance here.

IM: It’s speedy and it can spell trouble
Instant messaging can be a tool for good work. And a great way for employees to goof off.

Health-Care Benefits
Consumer-driven skepticism
Employers and employees aren’t sure that these plans are the answer to high costs.

Recruiting & Staffing
Public workers, private pain
Laid-off government employees find they have a bad rap, and few job prospects.

Capturing what’s unwritten
Streaming videos help companies capture key processes that didn’t get into the manual.

Retirement Benefits
Phased and enthused
Pension laws are barriers, but some companies are trying out phased retirement plans.

Just say no to pink slips
A no-layoff policy can work if management develops a cross-trained, flexible workforce.

Success Stories
Partnerships That
Create Winning Solutions

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