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Workforce Management February 18, 2008

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Sep. 7, 2011

The Toughest HR Job in America
by Fay Hansen
In an industry that is beset by governmental regulatory changes, frequent workplace injuries, constant labor unrest and demanding customers, Peter Perez—ConAgra Foods’ executive vice president of human resources—employs innovative people practices to keep the Omaha, Nebraska-based food manufacturer’s business on track.

Industry Makes a Move Toward the Middle
by Michelle V. Rafter
As large employers hold off on finalizing human resource outsourcing contracts, the middle market could be positioned for strong growth in 2008. But there are several obstacles, including the rise of ‘software as a service’ and a lack of comprehensive data on cost savings for medium-size employers, that could stand in the way for many vendors in the field.


By Ed Frauenheim
Qualcomm’s decision to build nearly all its own custom HR software stems not only from business needs, but from its own culture of innovation and risk-taking.


Sector report: Rewards & Recognition
By Michelle V. Rafter
A Canadian bank’s partnership with Electronic Data Systems is a testament to how human resources outsourcing is living up to its pledge of freeing HR departments from workaday tasks to focus on strategic issues.


The Last Word
Enough with the ‘HR speak’
Dr. John Sullivan
 In the Mail
SHRM’s turn
From our readers

 All Eyes on VMS
Collapse of Axium raises concerns in the staffing industry about the level of control held by third-party vendor management systems. Sales of Talent Tools May Slide: Forecast a grim view for talent management software in 2008. Visa Rules Ease Farmhand Hiring: New H-2A proposal also adds hefty financial penalties for violations. A Silver Lining: Some experts say that a recession will be a boon to HR outsourcing. Legal Briefings: Depressed workers; Medicare. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Midmarket HRO providers. Data Bank: Labor costs fall again.

Executive education
Amid pressure to demonstrate strategic results, corporate education programs are placing greater demands on their academic partners.


Recruiting & Staffing
Superficial screening leaves employers open to lawsuits when an employee harasses a co-worker, assaults a customer or steals confidential information.



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