Workforce Management August 2005

By Staff Report

Jul. 29, 2005

Sideline business
By Douglas P. Shuit
USC football coach Pete Carroll doesn’t run a business exactly like yours, but he deals with similar issues: turnover, teamwork, performance and motivation. He also knows what’s at stake if he doesn’t perform. “It’s much easier to change the leader than the workforce,” Carroll says.

Workplace politics
By Jonathan Pont
Rejecting criticism that her department cares more about companies than workers, U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao talks about her record on safety, pension recovery and white-collar overtime.

State of the Sector: Pension & retirement benefits
By Jessica Marquez
Policymakers strive to take the best aspects of 401(k)s and traditional pensions to help workers save enough for retirement and ease liability concerns for employers.

Between the Lines
Show us your best
Since 1991, some 150 businesses have won Optimas Awards for workforce practices that deliver real business results.
  Reactions From Readers
The fairness of testers
“It is not entrapment when a person of color is made to wait for hours before getting a chance to speak anyone.”

In This Corner
Walking out on wages
Production goes on during a “virtual” strike, so the suffering hits only those directly involved–labor and management.

Legal Briefings
Burden of proof under ADA’s direct-threat provision. Release signed by fired employee ruled invalid.

Bush nominee Roberts a likely ally of employers
If work history and decisions are reliable indicators, Supreme Court nominee John Roberts Jr. is likely to rule for employers in workplace cases. Also: Challenging paid job listings. OSHA reform redux. Good news, bad news. A favored bill advances. Get ready for the hybrids. High-paying jobs rebound.

HR Technology
The PeopleSoft Legacy
Even though the company is rapidly being absorbed by Oracle, former PeopleSoft executives are popping up all over. They bring PeopleSoft’s lessons with them.

Health Care Benefits
The push to require benefits
State health care mandates are making some political progress, but the business community’s opposition to such measures typically has kept them from passing.

Workplace Technology
Navigating the privacy concerns of GPS
Companies find that emphasizing how employees might benefit from GPS technology and setting clear policies for its use can help allay employees’ fears of Big Brother.

Retailers boot up e-learning
When training cycles take four months, but many employees stay on the job for six months, it’s clear why some retailers are turning to shorter online courses.

A lifeline for employees with underwater options
JPMorgan’s program allows workers to get value out of worthless options and could benefit companies facing new rules on expense reporting.

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