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Workforce Management April 2005

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Sep. 7, 2011

Corporate crunch
By Patrick J. Kiger
When conglomerate Unilever scooped up Ben & Jerry’s, some worried that the ice cream
iconoclast might become just another plain-vanilla subsidiary. Instead, the two companies have flavored each other’s cultures.

Welcome to the club
By Michelle V. Rafter
Costco pays generous wages and benefits in accord with CEO Jim Sinegal’s maxim: “Taking care of your employees and turning inventory faster than your people is good business.” The chain is experiencing booming growth and surging revenue and profits.

State of the sector: Relocation
By Joe Mullich
Employee transfers are on the rise as companies see hopeful signs in the economy. Relocation providers are eager to meet client demands not just for the basics, but for a host of new services.

Between the Lines
Really, it was our honor
There was a sense of enthusiasm for this work–for the engagement of people, in all their diversity and challenge.
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In This Corner
Labor’s dirty campaign tricks
Through the use of such disruptive and damaging tactics, unions say to employers, “Do what we want, or we will dismantle your business.”

Legal Briefings
Gender-specific grooming policies upheld. Chemotherapy treatment warrants ADA protection.

Ebbers’ costly legacy
You can call him the $6 billion man. That’s the 2005 price tag for SOX. Also: ACS picks up Mellon HR. France scraps its short workweek. US Airways straightens up. Safe harbors for auto 401(k)s. Mary Kay China motivates its sales force with appeals to the heart. Fidelity’s new unit points to a retro trend. Can you pass the ethics quiz? Hot List: Top HR consultants.

An age schism at United
Active pilots say that saving the bankrupt carrier takes priority over maintaining current benefit levels for retired fliers. Expect to see such conflicts erupt in other companies in the years to come.

HR Technology
Yum does a 360
When the company split from Pepsico, it adopted a people-friendly approach that has benefited from the widespread use of a Web-based 360-degree evaluation.

Looking good
Companies are using their employees in ads, not just to tout not just their products and services, but also the glories of their jobs. The ads act as morale boosters, recruiting tools and, in some cases, a way to buoy a battered corporate image.

Retirement Benefits
Lifecycle funds
The funds, which rebalance based on the investor’s retirement age, are gaining popularity. But getting workers to use them correctly has its own set of problems.

Employee Benefits
Voluntary offerings
Employers and workers are focusing on more traditional offerings, such as dental coverage and vision care, as well as specialty insurance.


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