Workforce Management April 10, 2006

By Staff Report

Apr. 10, 2006

One World, One Workforce
By Fay Hansen
Finding, developing and keeping talent is a global business challenge. This report looks at how leading companies accomplish their workforce goals.

The Last Word
On the skids in Detroit
Unions and management
  In the Mail
Sullivan’s motivation model
Readers comment on Dr. John Sullivan’s new column.

The High Cost of Verification
Employer tab for immigration status checks put $10 to $50 per employee. Fighting for the high ground: Wal-Mart brings Andrew Young to its battle with labor unions. Data Bank: The case for training. Hot List: Top HR consultants. And more.
Retirement Benefits
A warming trend at aerospace corp.
The company needed to revive its long-frozen defined-benefit program to attract and retain engineers and other skilled workers. The challenge was switching without sending costs into the stratosphere.

Oil-sands boom fueling perks
From air commuting to housing assistance, firms are spending big to draw workers to Alberta’s hinterlands. There are attempts to keep labor costs under control.

Global Recruiting
H-1B Visa limits bearing down
Observers say firms are being forced to drop key projects or offshore more work. A proposal to raise the cap on H-1B visas could provide a measure of relief


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