Technology appoints Rod Schneider as general manager in the UK

By Staff Report

Apr. 5, 2021

The workforce management solutions industry is one that is constantly innovating and evolving, bringing with it both challenges and opportunities. is adding to its experienced, talented leadership team to capitalize on the changing needs of the global market.

The latest addition to’s leadership is actually a company veteran who is leaving Australia behind to take on a new challenge in Europe.

Rod Schneider was recently named general manager of’s office in the United Kingdom. Now based in London, Schneider, who previously was head of partnerships for in Australia, will oversee the company’s operations throughout Europe. With offices in France and Croatia, Schneider said he is looking forward to building relationships across the continent.

“Taking on a whole different market is very, very exciting. Some may think that it’s an odd time to make this move, but if you think about the lockdown nearing an end, it’s really forward looking. Building our external engagement is going to be a big part of what we’re trying to achieve to become more broadly known and have that broader impact here,” Schneider said.

“His success across the board in Australia, aligning with our global mission, means that Rod is fully committed and his passion and talent is just what we need in the UK as companies emerge from the pandemic,” said Tasmin Trezise, president of

Schneider, who joined in 2016 following a career as a financial adviser, said he is eager to help companies across Europe rebuild their post-pandemic business. He will be meeting with current customers and develop new business as well. “You have good businesses that are looking to bring back their former staff, but in some cases those staff have found other jobs,” he said. “That presents a real challenge to organisations as they rebuild their businesses.”

With a keen focus on customer relationship management and an increasingly broad workforce management product portfolio that continues to expand, Schneider will work closely with the rest of the leadership team to prepare the organisation for the opportunities that lie ahead throughout Europe. is perfectly positioned to help companies effectively restart their business, he said. “A paper roster is not going to cut it anymore. Workforce will help organisations make sure they are rostering their teams as efficiently as possible,” Schneider said. “It’s exciting to help people get their businesses back up and running.”

 A native of Toowoomba, Australia, Schneider has a master’s degree in business from the University of South Queensland. He currently lives in London with his wife.

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