Tyson’s “Bill of Rights”

By Staff Report

Jan. 28, 2005

After months of development, Tyson Foods unveiled a “Team Member Bill of Rights” which will be posted in all Tyson facilities throughout the country. Tyson Foods, Inc., was founded in 1935 with headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas, and is the second-largest food company in the Fortune 500. It has approximately 114,000 employees.

Tyson Foods, Inc.
Team Members’ Bill of Rights

    Team Members of Tyson Foods enjoy many rights, benefits and responsibilities as members of the Tyson Foods Team. This document outlines information about many of those rights and responsibilities. These rights, benefits and responsibilities correspond with or are in addition to all other rights provided by state or federal law. Tyson reserves the right to amend these at any time and will communicate these changes to Team Members. This document is not a contract of employment.

1. The Right to a Safe Workplace
Team Members within Tyson Foods are entitled to a safe workplace. Tyson Foods is committed to work with all appropriate governmental agencies to accomplish this goal. Team Members must be committed to accomplish this goal as well and must perform work tasks by following all safety procedures for which training has been provided. In this regard, Tyson commits to the following actions:

    Maintain Team Member safety committees to meet on a regular basis to examine safety practices and implement the best safety practices for all Team Members in accordance with federal/state laws. Safety committees will include both Salaried and Hourly Team Members. All Team Members are encouraged to refer at-risk behaviors to supervisors, at anytime, to support a safe working environment.

    Team Members shall have the right to file complaints with the plant safety committee without fear of reprisal in order to make the safety committee aware of safety concerns. The committee shall act promptly to assist the company in addressing safety and health hazards by making recommendations regarding corrective measures and notifying Team Members of the action taken. Team Members have the right to refer safety concerns to the appropriate state and/or federal agencies without fear of reprisal.

2. The Right to Existing State and Federal Benefits
    Team Members have a right to understand their rights and responsibilities under all state and federal employment laws. Tyson Foods shall provide Team Members information to educate the Team Members of any of their rights and duties under these laws.

3. Right to be Free from Discrimination and Retaliation
    Everyone has the right to respect and dignity, and to protection against discrimination and retaliation. This includes the right to equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, age, veteran status, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. Team Members should treat their fellow workers with dignity and respect. Existing protections against retaliation, harassment, discrimination and intimidation will be enforced.

4. Right to Compensation for Work Performed
    Every Team Member has the right to expect payment of wages owed for work performed by the Team Member. Tyson Foods shall pay all wages due to its Team Members. Team Members have the right to contact the federal and state departments of labor for assistance in determining their rights under laws.

5. The Right to Information
    Most information regarding Team Members’ right and responsibilities is posted in common areas. In addition, each Team Member shall be entitled to receive, upon request, the following:

  • A copy of Tyson Foods’ Team Member Bill of Rights
  • A copy of Tyson Foods’ job bidding and posting policies
  • A copy of Tyson Foods’ Leave of Absence policy
  • A copy of Tyson Foods’ Code of Conduct
  • A copy of Tyson Foods’ Rules of Conduct
  • A copy of Tyson Foods’ Core Values
  • A copy of Tyson Foods’ Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  • A copy of Tyson Foods’ Drug and Alcohol policy

6. The Right to Understand Information Provided
    Team Members are entitled to understand their rights and responsibilities as Tyson Team Members. Team Members should contact their HR department or plant management with any questions, including any problems understanding these rights.

7. The Right of Choice
    Team Members have the right to choose whether they want to join together for collective bargaining purposes.

8. Right to Continuing Training Including Supervisor Training
Tyson Foods shall provide on-going training opportunities to Team Members for enhanced skill development and business changes.

9. The Right to Adequate Equipment
    Each Team Member shall be entitled to use equipment that is adequate to perform the job task assigned. If it is believed that adequate equipment has not been provided, this may be reported to your supervisor or to the safety committee for review.

10. The Right to Adequate Facilities and the Opportunity to Utilize Them
    Tyson Foods agrees to provide its Team Members the following:

  • Clean and working restroom facilities
  • Adequate room for meal and rest breaks
  • Reasonable time for necessary restroom breaks during shift production time.

11. The Right to Tell Tyson First
    Tyson Foods is committed to protecting the rights of Team Members through-out our organization. Tyson’s Human Resources Department offers various avenues to help Team Members resolve areas of dispute. Should Team Members have any issues, we encourage them to contact their corporate Human Resource Director through the Tell Tyson First Program. Moreover, if any Team Member feels that they are being treated unfairly with respect to any employment matter, they can Tell Tyson First by calling 1-888-301-7304.

12. Tyson Foods Core Values
    Tyson’s Core Values ensure our commitment that all Team Members are treated with dignity and respect. As a part of our shared Core Values and collective rights, all Team Members are expected to act responsibly in the workplace. Such areas of responsibility include treating all other Team Members with dignity and respect, abiding by the Code of Conduct, following all rules and policies, reporting policy violations, and working safely and ethically at all times.

John Tyson
Chairman & CEO

From aTyson Foods news release.

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