The Hot List: Top Safety Consultants

By Staff Report

May. 15, 2007


The safety consulting industry is a small, fragmented collection of well-established firms that provide a wide range of occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and environmental risk assessments for employers in all industries.

The professional association for the industry, the American Society of Safety Engineers, reports 30,000 members. Increasingly detailed OSHA regulations and risk management techniques have pushed companies to reduce in-house safety and health staff and rely more on outside consultants with the technical expertise necessary for complex risk management and safety and health practices. In some cases, consultants provide full-time on-site services for their client companies.

Long-term contractual fee-for-service work or retainers for specific services are common. Demand for safety and health services and revenue for the consulting firms have softened in recent years as workers’ compensation insurance rates have flattened and fewer new safety standards have been circulated. To enlarge the view, click on the image below.

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