HR Administration

The Essential Series: HR Outsourcing for SMBs

By Staff Report

Jul. 11, 2012

Human resources outsourcing is still a relatively new concept for many organizations, resulting in a number of perceived and actual risks. However, if these risks are understood and addressed early on, it can lead to a successful, strategic relationship between the service provider and client.

In this in depth report, readers will learn about the factors driving companies toward a human resources outsourcing model, along with the risks and advantages of outsourcing human resources functions and processes, and the approaches available for mitigating risk and ensuring a mutually successful partnership.

This download includes the entire 3 article series:
● Article 1: The Business Drivers for Outsourcing Human Resources

● Article 2: Risks and Realities of Outsourcing Human Resources

● Article 3: Successful HR Outsourcing Strategies

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