The CEO Incubators

By Staff Report

Jun. 12, 2008

CompanyEmployeesCEOs produced Odds
McKinsey & Co.11,000161-in-690
Deloitte & Touche17,17081-in-2,150
Baxter International48,000111-in-4,365
PricewaterhouseCoopers 47,750101-in-4,775
Ernst & Young103,000121-in-8,585
Merrill Lynch62,20071-in-8,885
Motorola 66,000 71-in-9,430
Intel 88,100 81-in-11,010
Procter & Gamble138,000121-in-11,500
General Electric300,000 261-in-11,540
Honeywell 118,000 101-in-11,800
Novartis 100,735 81-in-12,590
PepsiCo 168,000 131-in-12,925
Disney 133,000 91-in-14,780
ExxonMobil 106,400 71-in-15,200
Johnson & Johnson122,200 81-in-15,275
IBM 366,485 181-in-20,360
AT&T 301,840 131-in-23,220
Citigroup 332,000 111-in-30,180
Note: The company that rounds out the top 20, Arthur Andersen, is now defunct.
Source: Capital IQ, based on Securities and Exchange Commission public filing data

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