Tech Workers Generally Happy, but Stressed Out

By Staff Report

Oct. 4, 2007

Technology professionals seem to be happy with their jobs, but they are also extremely stressed and likely to recommend careers in other fields to their friends, according to a new report from

The Dice Tech Appeal Index measures a person’s inclination to recommend the information technology field to others as opposed to another industry. Some 1,000 individuals were surveyed, including 565 adults currently working in IT.

For IT companies, there is good news in the survey, which was released Wednesday, October 3. Ninety-one percent of survey participants say they are somewhat or very satisfied in their current job. What’s more, 92 percent of respondents note they intend to stay in the IT field for at least the next six months.

The bad news is that despite the general satisfaction with their jobs, IT professionals are more inclined to recommend a career in other industries to their friends than they were a year ago. Recommending jobs in financial services went up by almost 10 percentage points to 56 percent, as it did for media and entertainment, which moved to 44 percent from 34 percent.

“Although the satisfaction and loyalty levels of IT professionals continue to be strong, we’re seeing evidence of possible retention issues over the long term,” said Scot Melland, chairman, president and CEO of Dice Holdings Inc., parent company of New York-based Dice, in a release.

One key culprit may be work-related anxiety. The study found that 91 percent of respondents associate the work with stress—mostly due to workload, dealing with clients and pace of the job.

The fear of exporting work overseas also weighs on the minds of IT professionals. Forty-six percent of survey participants say they are somewhat or very concerned about offshoring, an increase from 39 percent a year ago.

—Gina Ruiz

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