Table of Contents May 2001

By Staff Report

Apr. 26, 2001


Fight Dirty Hiring Tactics
Unethical recruiters resort to lies, theft, and bribery to woo away your employees. Here are the tools you need to stop them.
By Eilene Zimmerman
The New Thinking in Performance Appraisals
HR professionals are abandoning traditional annual performance reviews. Instead, they’re finding new ways to set goals and measure achievement.
By Dayton Fandray
A Return to At-Will Employment
A decision by the California Supreme Court might bring business back to real at-will employment. Here’s what it means for you and your company.
By Matthew Heller

Special Advertising Section

Leader Summit Series:
Internet Solutions
Human resources wants to free itself from the paper chains and participate in their companies’ strategic decision-making. With its powerful capabilities for recruiting and managing people, the Internet can help. Workforce asked leaders in HR’s Internet revolution to talk about the solutions that can move HR to the next level.


Between the Lines
You’ll get through it.
Does age matter? • Why people expect so much from their jobs. • Money isn’t everything.
The Buzz
HR lessons for the dot-coms. • Internship diversity • Raw Data: the smuggler’s want ad • Well Done: Unisys and its college partners.
On the Contrary
Wouldn’t some chicken be good, right about now? Shari Caudron intends to spend less time on work, and more time mulling her poultry picks.
What Works
How a workplace drone blossomed into a motivated, engaged business partner. Tom Terez tells the tale of Walter, an employee you might recognize.
Executive coach Marshall Goldsmith comes with a money-back guarantee. He shares his tips on HR’s role as coach, including how to handle the know-it-all boss.
Dear Workforce:
Expert advice on measuring employee worth, workplace mentoring, and configuring a vacation and personal leave policy.
Legal Insight
The legal aspects of performance appraisals. • What to do with an employee who reeks of alcohol. • Can you force employees to have lunch together?
Small, Medium, Large
Nothing kills business faster than bad service. Here’s how three very different companies created customer-service training that delivers.
Think Twice
Todd Raphael isn’t ready to give exclusive tax breaks to ensure a supply of IT workers. Not when other vital professions have such critical shortages.

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