Staying resilient: 10 ways to use to manage the impact of COVID-19

By Jana Reserva

Nov. 18, 2020

COVID-19  has transformed businesses as we know it, and those organizations that are quick to adapt will re-emerge from the pandemic as winners. 

To stay resilient these days, organizations need to remain transparent with their workforce and customers, act quickly to address changes, and prioritize compliance with official health measures. Technology is vital to following these crucial guidelines. Here are 10 ways that provides organizations with workforce management technology to empower their teams and navigate the new normal. 

Complying with COVID-19 safety plans

Health safety is paramount. Businesses are complying with COVID-related health regulations using the proven, effective features in With the platform, they can take extra health precautions and keep their workplace safe and productive. 

  • Setting employee qualifications helps create and track criteria for safety processes, such as tracking COVID-19 test results, quarantine duration, or self-isolation expiration dates. This helps ensure that managers are scheduling employees with this in mind.
  • Segmented teams also help isolate external risks. This works by rotating teams in groups to mitigate the risk of infection.
  • Another way to minimize contact is the use of GPS clock-ins. This eliminates the concern of using just one device for clocking-in because staff can use the feature to clock in and out via their own mobile device.
  • Help manage your capacity and comply with COVID tracing regimes by using Reopen, a free tool that lets customers make an appointment to visit at a time that suits them. It ensures social distancing and controlling customers on premises at any time. 

Optimizing operations

It’s more important than ever to ensure that our clients are operating as efficiently possible.

  • Staying on top of costs is crucial at this stage. Make cost-saving decisions based on demand data through the live wage tracker. It also integrates easily with your POS provider to include live sales data, equipping you to make real-time decisions.
  • Leave management is also an essential part of workforce management during this time. Managers are staying on top of that with’s built-in leave management system. It’s an easy way to track leave balances, ensure visibility, and take account unavailability when creating schedules.
  • Many businesses that have reduced hours are looking to distribute the remaining hours equally to their staff. users are doing this efficiently via the employee scheduling software to ensure that staff members are treated equitably to enhance fairness and boost morale.

Staying connected

Transparency and communication are vital during this time.

  • Businesses are using’s chat feature to easily stay in touch with their teams. Whether for one-on-one check-ins or relaying important shift details to the group, the chat app is a secure and convenient way to reach your team members.
  • Setting custom events is also useful. Managers use it to communicate any operational changes to the team and ensure that it’s visible on the schedule and mobile app. If you’re reducing business hours or have any changes with your usual schedule, this is an excellent way to assure it is visible to your teams.
  • Collect additional information at the start and end of shifts, including health declarations. 

Dealing with a global pandemic requires quick thinking and innovation. You can do that when you have the right solutions in place. allows companies to do all these and more.

The platform is equipped with powerful features that can be customized according to certain situations and business needs. Current users needing help optimizing these features should contact us. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a workforce management solution to help you stay on top of managing your teams, especially during this time, you can try for free today.


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