SHRM 2008, McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago

By Workforce Editors

Jun. 19, 2008

At The Show

Economic Downturn Doesn’t Slow SHRM Conference
Attendance doesn’t hit a record level, but SHRM officials and vendors are happy with the turnout of more than 13,000.

Gas Price Crisis Could Revolutionize U.S. Workplace
The talk of the show is spiking gas prices, and the short- and long-term effects they could have on how the nation works.

Heard in the Halls, Day 3: No Booth Too Far
Good business at the edge of the world, a winner for research and a visit with the ‘onboarding fairy.’

SHRM Chicago Last Word—Day 3

The SHRM chief’s successor will be named later this summer—after Meisinger departs the organization on June 30.

Pre-Show Guide and Feature Stories

Whether you’re staying for a whole week or just trying to visit a few places in between conference activities, you will want to get a taste of the best of Chicago. The third-largest city in America is also one of the country’s most popular convention spots.

The Last Word: SHRM 101
San Diego. Washington. Las Vegas. Chicago. The cities may change and the venues may differ, but there is a comfy familiarity I always feel at the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference.

Keynote and Master Series

SHRM, Day 1, Sunday, June 22
2:30 p.m.
1:45 p.m

1:45 p.m.

10 a.m.
Denise Rousseau, “Growing Number of Employees Seek Special Deal With Bosses”

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