Sample Policy for Internal Selection

By Staff Report

Oct. 21, 2004

Below is one organization’s internal selection policy, with references to the company removed.

It is the policy of the Organization to fill positions by drawing from internal candidates possessing the desired qualifications, and to promote from within whenever possible.

This policy and procedure applies to all departments and employees of the Organization.


3.1 All managers are accountable for identifying the staffing needs of their department and the qualifications for each position within their department.

3.2 Human Resources is solely accountable for obtaining qualified candidates for all open positions and providing all necessary forms to implement this policy and procedure.


4.1 Transfer–Moving an existing employee to a new position, department, or location at the same level within the Organization.

4.2 Promotion–Moving an existing employee to a new position, department, or location at a higher level within the Organization.

4.3 Demotion–Moving an existing employee to a new position, department, or location at a lower level within the Organization.


5.1 Employee Requisition

5.2 Job Available Notice


6.1 Identifying Open Position and Obtaining Candidates

6.1.1 When a position becomes available, the supervisor to whom that position reports will first decide whether to fill the position from within or from outside the Organization, based on the position’s requirements. This decision is to be reviewed with and approved by the person to whom the manager reports.

6.1.2 If the position is to be filled from within the Organization, the supervisor of the open position first considers employees within the department and/or a reorganization of the department’s work.

6.1.3 In the event a qualified candidate is not available within the department, the supervisor consults with the person to whom he/she reports to determine if there is a qualified person within the division.

6.1.4 If no employees within the department and division are qualified for the position, and if the work cannot be reorganized, the supervisor and the supervisor’s manager decide whether to post the position within the Organization and/or obtain candidates from outside the Organization.

6.1.5 The supervisor completes an Employee Requisition, has it approved and signed by the manager to whom he/she reports, and submits it to Human Resources, along with a request for job posting and/or external candidates.

6.1.6 Human Resources first conducts a search of employee files to determine if there is an already-identified candidate for the job.

6.1.7 Procedures if there are no identified internal candidates: If the job is to be posted, Human Resources completes a Job Available Notice and posts it, as per the Job Posting procedure (6.2 below). If external candidates are to be sought, Human Resources implements the External Selection Policy and Procedure.

6.2 Job Posting

Job posting is used to notify existing employees of a position’s availability and obtain qualified internal candidates of it.

6.2.1 Human Resources posts the Job Available Notice at all job posting locations, stating a description of the position with salary grade, required qualifications, and the date by which applications must be received. If external candidates will also be considered, it is stated on the Notice. The Notice for the position is posted by Human Resources on the employee information bulletin board(s) or on separate job posting bulletin board(s) maintained by Human Resources.

6.2.2 Any eligible and qualified employee may apply for a posted position by completing an application supplied by Human Resources. However, applications will only be considered for the position if the employees: Provide evidence that they possess the required qualifications. Have been in their current position at least six months. Have no current Performance Improvement notifications. Have not been excessively absent or late during the past 12 months. Have received at least a Good rating on their last performance appraisal. Have been an employee of the Organization for at least one year. Have not applied for more than three posted positions within the last 12 months.

6.2.3 Human Resources will notify an employee within one week of receiving an application if the employee does not meet the above requirements. Such notice will state which requirement(s) was not met, and that the employee will not be considered for the position unless the employee can provide information to support her/his qualifications within one week.

6.2.4 Applications from employees who apply for the position and possess the required qualifications are forwarded, after the closing date for applying, to the supervisor of the position.

6.2.5 The supervisor of the position interviews all qualified applying employees and makes a decision regarding each one. In the event there are two or more employees with identical qualifications, the supervisor is encouraged to use length of service with the Organization as a tie-breaker.

6.2.6 When the selection has been made, Human Resources notifies the selected candidate and any non-selected but considered candidates.

6.2.7 Human Resources coordinates the date of the employee transfer/promotion.

6.2.8 The supervisor initiates the Employee Status Change form and submits the form to the employee’s current supervisor.

6.2.9 The employee’s current supervisor approves the Employee Status Change form and returns it to the new position’s supervisor, who then submits it to her/his manager.

6.2.10 The manager ensures it is within budget, approves it, and submits it to Human Resources.

6.2.11 Human Resources approves the Employee Status Change form if it is within guidelines and submits it to Payroll.

6.2.12 Payroll notifies the supervisor of the effective date.


7.1 External Selection Policy and Procedure

SOURCE: Excerpted from How to Develop Essential HR Policies and Procedures by John H. McConnell. Copyright 2005 John H. McConnell. Published by AMACOM Books, a division of American Management Association, New York, New York. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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