Sample performance appraisal for exempt employees

By Staff Report

Apr. 19, 2000

Performance Appraisal for Exempt Employees



Name: _______________
Position: _______________
Location: _______________
Supervisor: _______________
Reviewer: _______________
Period Ending: _______________


  1. Exceptional
  2. Above Expectations
  3. Meets Expectations
  4. Needs Improvement
  5. N/A — Not applicable
Exceptional: Consistent performance substantially exceeding normal expectations for total job.
Above Expectations: Frequently exceeds normal performance expectations for key job tasks.
Meets Expectations: Meets normal job requirements in accordance with established standards and may exceed requirements for some job tasks.
Needs Improvement: Overall performance acceptable but improvement needed in one or more significant aspects of job.


All evaluations must be supported with specific comments, and all “Overall Evaluations” (see below) of Exceptional and Above Expectations must include specific examples to support the ratings given. When Needs Improvement is the performance rating, attach a written plan to improve performance to this review and enter the Next Review Date in the space provided.


PERFORMANCE RESULTS: Achieves expected quality and quantity of output. Places greatest effort on most important aspects of job. Does work on-time, on-budget without sacrificing performance goals or standards.






COOPERATION/TEAMWORK: Willingly accepts assignments. Able to work on or with teams to cooperatively reach goals.






INITIATIVE: Self-starter who willingly puts forth effort and time and performs tasks with a minimum of supervision. Begins to solve problems within scope of responsibility as soon as they are apparent. Advises supervisor of current or anticipated problems. Able to apply job knowledge to produce innovations in work process or product.






ORGANIZING AND PLANNING: Resolves conflicting priorities and schedules with peers and other staff. Performs effectively under pressure and deadlines. Effectively uses time and resources to accomplish work. Will shaft strategy, make decisions, obtain the aid of others to achieve objectives.





COMMUNICATION: Verbal and written communications are clear, concise and accurate. Appropriately documents work so others can find work in progress and historical information about the job.






INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Interacts productively with others in formal and informal groups both within and outside the company; is receptive to differing ideas and adjusts to the different work styles of others.







For Supervisors, Managers, and/or
Sales Related positions include the following:

SUPERVISION AND LEADERSHIP: Effectively leads and develops staff. Effectively directs staff and provides ongoing feedback. Accurately evaluates performance, matches abilities and job requirements, establishes an effective working relationship, and acts as a positive model for others. Assures a positive working environment in compliance with company standards.






SALES/MARKETING: Obtains new work (e.g. listings, corporate accounts, etc.) from both existing clients and new clients. Makes marketing suggestions and effectively implements existing marketing programs.






OTHER (Define and rate another significant performance factor if appropriate)






PERFORMANCE PLAN FOR NEXT PERIOD (Include expected accomplishments and measurement criteria)



DEVELOPMENT NEEDS (Areas of knowledge or skill to develop that will improve job performance)



Plan for how Supervisor will specifically assist employee to maintain or improve performance:







NEEDS IMPROVEMENT (Requires written improvement plan of maximum 6 months)

Next Review Date and/or Other Actions:



SUPERVISOR’S OR EMPLOYEE COMMENTS (If needed, attach additional sheet)



(Employee’s signature indicates that evaluation has been discussed with the supervisor. It does not necessarily signify agreement).



Immediate Supervisor:

Reviewer’s Manager:



The information contained in this article is intended to provide useful information on the topic covered, but should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion.


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