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Rococo Chocolates makes day to day operations more efficient with

By Jana Reserva

Jul. 14, 2021

“I could create a schedule for a month in less than an hour, which is something that will take me a whole afternoon in my past jobs,” said Stephen Jaundrill, Manager at Rococo Chocolates, about using 

Rococo Chocolates is a shop of fine and luxury chocolates in London. They are known for employing only the highest standards of chocolate craftsmanship. To sustain their growth and quality of product and customer service, they need to have an effective workforce management solution to manage their five stores in London. 

Easiest scheduling system to work with

Employee schedules are the core of any operation, but it can be tedious and prone to error when done manually or on an insufficient system. But it’s not an issue for Rococo Chocolates when they started using 

“The scheduling side of is the easiest system I’ve ever worked with because you can drag and drop shifts. You can create templates for each store,” shared Jaundrill. Scheduling around holidays, leave, and unavailability is also simple as the platform can autofill shifts with available staff. “In effect, it’s doing the work that I should be doing manually. It’s saving me so much time,” he added. 

Working around your labor budget is also simple and intuitive with the platform. enabled the team at Rococo Chocolates to see schedules in monthly and weekly views which greatly helped with managing their costs. “So you can check your total hours each week and how much of your payroll budget is coming out,” Jaundrill added.

Simple and efficient for staff

The success of rolling out a workforce management system is how it is easy for employees to use. The staff at Rococo Chocolates love because it’s simple and provides them transparency about their shifts. “The staff feedback I’ve had regarding the app has been really positive. They find it easy to use. It’s nice that it doesn’t just show their shift, but allows them to see who they’re working with on any particular day,” Jaundrill shared. 

Timely and effective product support

After sales support is also a crucial part of using software solutions for any organization. Implementing a workforce management platform for a business involves getting assistance with using the platform, especially when issues arise and updates are released.

“When we deal with certain issues, we need a response within an hour or so, and when support comes, the staff (at is really helpful. Generally, any request that I’ve had has never been left unresolved,” said Jaundrill.

Technology is vital for businesses, not just in automating tedious tasks, but also with providing them insights to run their operations better. That’s what does with Rococo Chocolates.

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