Ratio of IT Staff to Employees

By Staff Report

Feb. 6, 2003

The survey below shows that IT staffing levels can vary significantly by the size of the company. For example, the typical IT staffing ratio (the number of employees supported by each IT worker) is 1:27 among all companies included in the survey. However, companies with 500 or fewer employees typically have an IT staffing ratio of about 1:18, while companies with 10,000 or more employees have a ratio of about 1:40.

Ratio of IT Staff to Total Employees

Organization Size 25th Percentile 50th Percentile (median) 75th Percentile Organization Count
All Organizations 1:11 1:27 1:52 103
By Annual Dollar Volume
-Less than $200 Million 1:11 1:19 1:34 25
-$200 Million to <%500 Million 1:19 1:36 1:61 20
-$500 Million to <%1 Billion 1:11 1:31 1:53 17
$1 Billion to <%5 Billion 1:20 1:36 1:82 20
-$5 Billion or More 1:10 1:15 1:25 20
By Total Number of Employees
Less than 500 1:8 1:18 1:34 16
-500 to <1,000 1:14 1:25 1:40 14
-1,000 to <5,000 1:11 1:23 1:45 38
-5,000 to <10,000 1:10 1:25 1:53 15
-10,000 or more 1:23 1:40 1:112 20

Reprinted with permission from Organizing for Results: IT Structures and Staffing Survey by people3Mercer Human Resource Consulting, and ITAA.


Know your ratio and track your rates

Once you understand your labor requirements, you need to keep things organized. Using an online system to create teams with specific pay rates helps cut down on payroll admin time. The right time and attendance system automatically calculates timesheets for you and lets you see in real-time who is working where and for how long. Syncing it with a scheduling system makes it even easier to see wage and hour variances.

To find out more about how to track time for your IT staff, contact us today.

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