Onboarding: The Critical Role of Hiring Managers

By Staff Report

Jun. 23, 2015

Onboarding matters. Organizations hire employees to get a job done. Those organizations which are able to harness the power of new employee knowledge, skills, and abilities quickly are more effective than those who do not. Understanding what new employee onboarding is, how to do it well, and how to facilitate the integration between the new employee and hiring manager is a major key to success. Organizations considered in the top 20% in terms of onboarding had 91% first year retention and 62% of new employees reaching first year goals compared to the bottom 30% of organizations who reported only 30% retention and 17% goal completion for the same time frame. The person within your organization who has the power to make or break a new employee’s success is the hiring manager. This white paper describes best practices and shows the importance of managers employing these best practices for onboarding new employees.

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