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Is It Possible to Compile Performance Data on Team Unity?

By Staff Report

Nov. 21, 2014

Dear Metrics,

This is a tough question, unless you are comfortable thinking a little outside of the box. To begin, I would suggest backtracking and conducting some analysis of the team, both as individuals and as a whole. First, consider each team member and work to identify key accountabilities in specific job roles (look to identify for four to five key objectives within individual roles).

Next, consider the team as a whole. Use all members as subject-matter experts to identify the ideal performance of the team, and then determine four to five more key accountabilities for the entire team. Because this team is remote, this can be done via an online group meeting, with one person designated as a scribe or facilitator.

Be sure to allow for some flexibility to add additional accountabilities as priorities shift during the course of a year. Now that you have the key accountabilities for the individuals and the team, use them as core performance data. The team key accountabilities are shared with everyone. Using these core performance indicators makes it simpler to identify recognize people who are contributing to these key accountabilities.  

Using key accountabilities drawn from the job itself and the team itself — and not the individual nor the most outgoing team member — keeps performance reviews from becoming a personality contest. People tend to excel when they know what they are accountable for and are able to participate in the process of developing that accountability.

Source:  Bill J. Bonnstetter, TTI Success Insightsand Target Training International, Ltd., Scottsdale, Arizona, Sept. 25, 2014.

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