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HR Tech Conference, Day 2: Tired Feet and New People, and a Global Outlook

By Rick Bell

Oct. 19, 2015

Things don’t always go exactly to script at a conference. Such was the case for me Monday at Day 2 of the HR Tech Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas.

I was on the hunt for a specific tech angle, but alas, it didn’t come to pass. I’m hoping to further forage for a fresh take on the topic of time and attendance. And I’m confident I’ll get what I need.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying. I had the best of intentions to get a topical take from Kronos Inc. CHRO Dave Almeda, and we did broach the global challenges organizations face when addressing everything from holidays to cultural nuances. But soon the talk turned to benefits, and it was fascinating to chat with a veteran HR guy with the depth and knowledge Dave possesses.

The former HR chief with retail giant Staples, Dave understands the demands being placed on HR and benefits leaders regarding the Affordable Care Act, and in particular the controversial Cadillac tax. Our scheduled half-hour quickly pushed an hour, and I appreciate Dave’s time … and his attendance.

In the meantime, however, there’s a lot of walking in Vegas. But blame me for that. A post-conference stroll on the Strip last night coupled with a healthy hour’s jaunt early this morning made for some tired dogs even before skulking the expo floor and hoofing it to the press room.

It also was good to see comrade in journalism arms Todd Raphael and John Hollon around the show, but recruiting giant Indeed is making a splash here and newly hired PR manager Tara Lambropoulos stopped in the press room and we chatted about Indeed’s move into research. I asked her how does a job aggregator – as good as they are at it – compete with traditional research consultancies.

She said the Austin-Texas-based company will approach it from a fresh angle that should lend some new perspectives and insight into practices that will reach beyond the familiar territory of recruiting.

But perhaps the most interesting chat came at lunch with Ingolf Teetz, who started the German talent acquisition firm Milch & Zucher AG nearly two decades ago. Teetz recalled what it was like after landing his first major client, financial giant Deutche Bank.

“We worked day and night,” he said. “I think there were six of us at the time. We were there every day, around the clock. But we knew we had to succeed. We have over 100 employees now and Deutche Bank is still a client of ours. We did OK.”

Hey, maybe through Ingolf, I found my global time and attendance story after all. 

Rick Bell is Workforce’s editorial director. For comments or questions email

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