How we implemented an Enterprise WFM Rollout During COVID-19 in under two weeks

By Staff Report

Jun. 15, 2020

The Coronavirus changed a lot of things for companies all over the world, but some companies used this time of change to better their business and prepare for a new future. Our client was one of those companies. Below is a brief overview of how we worked with them to deliver a smooth rollout of our product to their entire workforce faster than ever before. Now that we’ve accomplished this with them, we’re excited to use our new process as a competitive advantage for more of our new clients.


  • Deliver an implementation that was previously planned for 9 months in under 2 weeks for over 7,000 employees and 4,000 locations during the COVID-19 lockdowns


  • Unify and standardize employee data from multiple legacy payroll systems and other sources into one database
  • Have all 7,000+ employees use a mobile app to clock in and out of their shifts instead a communal physical device that all employees would have to touch
  • Work with internal stakeholders to create a personalized virtual interactive training program that includes a custom sandbox of the system simulating the managers’ real life working conditions
  • Create a more efficient process for gaining consent from employees who use the technology to stay compliant in different US states and Canadian provinces
  • Guarantee their next payroll cycle delivers without errors by providing an additional layer of customer service during that payroll process


  • Almost 600 managers logged into the system in the first week
  • Over 2,500 employees downloaded and installed the app after the first round of roll out
  • was the first technology solution adopted by the whole enterprise globally


If you’re interested in taking a look inside the workforce management platform you can sign up for a free trial here.

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