How Much Salary Are Top Graphic Designers Getting These Days?

By Staff Report

Feb. 1, 2012

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The Creative Group recently released its 2012 Salary Guide, which features average starting salary ranges for more than 100 design and production, interactive, advertising and marketing, and public-relations positions. The information is based on a range of sources, including actual placements of creative professionals in 2011 by our staffing teams across North America, and an analysis of current and future hiring trends.

Overall, the numbers paint a fairly promising picture. Average starting salaries for creative professionals in Toronto are projected to increase 4 percent over 2011 levels. In the United States, salaries are expected to rise 3.5 percent. Graphic designers can expect to see even bigger increases this year, our research shows. Those with one to three years of experience can expect to make $45,000 to $58,000, a 4 percent increase over 2011 levels. Graphic designers with three to five years of experience should see a 4 percent starting salary increase as well, to a range of $55,000 to $74,000. And a graphic designer with more than five years of experience can expect to see a starting salary range of $70,000 to $92,500, a 4.8 percent increase.

Keep in mind that these salary ranges do not factor in bonuses, incentives and other forms of compensation, such as benefits and retirement packages, which can be difficult to measure. Also note that designers with interactive skills are faring even better given the strong demand for professionals who can help with online initiatives.

SOURCE: Donna Farrugia, The Creative Group, Menlo Park, California

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