How Do We Jump Start Our Recruiting Strategy?

By Staff Report

Jan. 22, 2015

Dear Stuffy:

I don’t believe there is one single answer to your current recruiting challenges, but I applaud you for examining your methods to ensure you’re not missing any opportunities. As you examine your current recruiting strategies, it’s important to recognize how the job market is improving for most qualified job seekers. There are far more “passive” than “active” job seekers in today’s market. As a result, we as recruiters have to be more resourceful and make our opportunities stand out from the crowd. Here are two suggestions on how to do that:

  1. Make sure you are investing in social media recruitment. Today’s job seekers aren’t necessarily hanging out around job boards, but statistics show they are very regularly participating in social media sites. You need to have a strong presence on at least LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Get your brand out there and provide them with good content that isn’t just about “hot jobs.” Industry information, original content or fun things about your company will engage them and help to raise your visibility with the audience. It’s not just “about you.” It’s “about them.” 
  2. Create robust, engaging job descriptions. One of the common mistakes that staffing firms make is that they will spend money on job boards, websites and other online resources, but they don’t pay attention to the critical piece of content that drives it all — the creation of a robust job description. If you’re asking someone to consider making an important career decision, you can’t expect them to get excited and apply to one of your jobs if the information is poorly represented. Recruiters need to take the time to get detailed information from the client on the opportunity they’re recruiting for and present it in a compelling manner. Is it a great company to work for? Is it in an exciting location? Is there room for career growth? If so, then tell them! How can a candidate get excited enough to apply for a job if your staff isn’t excited enough to take just a few minutes to properly and professionally present it?

I hope these two suggestions help to freshen up your recruitment strategy so you can start attracting the candidates you’re seeking.

SOURCE: Deborah Millhouse, president, CEO Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina, April 21, 2014.

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