Halloween HR Horror Stories

By Staff Report

Oct. 31, 2007

Halloween is a good day to share scary stories. Here are five tales of HR horror from Halogen Software, a performance management company. Halogen chose today to release a survey on employee-appraisal nightmares. Pray these creatures don’t haunt your office:

• The mother of a 20-something worker who told HR that her son’s review score should be raised so that he could get a better raise. “She offered to come in and show me reference letters from his teachers and former employers to reinforce her story,” the respondent wrote.

• The boss who said his all-female work group reminded him of a bunch of mares scratching and biting each other. The respondent said the boss’s daughter rode horses, “so I guess he thought that was a good analogy.”

• The reviewer who wrote of an employee: “Bob did pretty good for an old guy.”

• The manager who copied his 12 employees’ self-appraisals … and submitted them as his own.

• The nurse who was being evaluated on how well she delivered medications and told her supervisor she followed what the voices in her head told her to do.

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