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‘From the Editors’ Blog: The Industry With the Happiest Workers


Feb. 6, 2015

Fresh air, sunshine and the ability to create things with your hands, but construction workers now have something else to hang their hat on: they're the happiest employees.
Construction and facilities services and landscaping workers are the happiest, according to the 2015 “Best Industry Ranking Report” by TINYpulse, an engagement software company.

Why are construction workers so happy?

The top answer, according to the report, was "I work with great people," at 34 percent, followed by "I'm excited about my work and projects," at 19 percent. Positive work environment, opportunities for growth and respectful management rounded out the top drivers of workplace satisfaction.

Jay Walter, general manager of JWH Group, an Australian home-building company, said in the report that the diverse nature of the industry doesn't necessarily create happiness.

"This is an industry that has many walks of life with people working in an office to people out on site," he said. "One thing that unites everybody at the end of the day is kicking back for a little bit with a few beers and talking stuff out — the good and the bad. If people have an issue, they will come see a manager during office hours, but sometimes the best environment is when people can relax a bit and just have a drink alongside a manager."

On the other end of the spectrum, manufacturing workers are the least happy, according to the report. The top reason for their dissatisfaction is having an unsupportive management team, the report said.

This blog originally appeared in Workforce's sister publication, Talent Management.

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