Facebook Users Get a Look at New Job Opportunities

By Gina Ruiz

Aug. 22, 2007

Jobster has joined forces with more than 230 employers to enhance its career networking platform on social networking site Facebook. The partnerships enable Facebook users to sign on to a new initiative, the Employer Talent Network, through which they can establish contact with companies they’d like to work for.

    Facebook users then can have their information forwarded to recruiters at specific companies for potential jobs or to learn more about that organization.

    The new application was created based on feedback Jobster gathered from Facebook users over the course of six months, says Christian Anderson, director of corporate communications for the Seattle-based career network company.

    “Users told us of various ways in which we could help them with their professional and career objectives, and we have responded,” Anderson says.

    The partners within the Employer Talent Network, which include Verizon and Boeing, benefit from participating in the network because they can gain access to a fresh pool of prospective workers, as there are more than 31 million active users on Facebook.

    Employers also can access information regarding potential candidates, such as career interests, location and e-mail addresses.

    Building the Employer Talent Network took significant coordination, Anderson says. Jobster talked to employers to explain the network, hosting webinars and other initiatives to educate the companies. The list of companies grew and interest continues to mount, Anderson says.

    Jobster says it has launched other upgrades, including the ability to let Facebook users track the professional trajectory of their network friends to facilitate communication between a user and somebody who can provide insightful career tips about working for a particular company.

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