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Aug. 11, 2009

Events you’ll want to put on your schedule

April – June, 2009


April 1-4, 2009
Lincolnshire, Illinois
American Association for Affirmative Action 35th Annual Conference
The AAAA conference will offer professional development workshops, sessions with agency officials and an opportunity to gain practical skills on how to effectively promote equity, access and opportunity.

April 8
HRLAW Thailand
This seminar will provide participants with insight into labor laws and HR practices in Thailand. Among the topics to be discussed are labor contracts, employment practices, compensation and benefits, and redundancy and severance payments.

April 14-16
World Health Care Congress
More than 2,000 CEOs and business leaders are expected to attend this annual event, which offers 200 speakers addressing all health care constituencies: employers, group practices, public purchasers, pharma and biotech, insurers, health systems and government regulators. Program also offers emerging trend forums and CEO retreats.

April 16-17
HRLAW Malaysia
The 18th run of this seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of labor laws and human resources practices in Malaysia. Issues to be covered will include statutory benefits, maternity protection, employment of foreigners, redundancy and retrenchment, employers’ prerogatives and representations on dismissal.

April 19-22
San Diego
IHRIM HRM Strategies Conference and Technology Expo
Designed for professionals responsible for human capital management and HR systems, this event will focus on best practices and future trends on such topics as talent management, Web 2.0, onboarding, shared services, data management, metrics, and HR systems selection and implementation.

April 26-29
San Diego
American Occupational Health Conference
Hosted by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, this conference will cover occupational medicine and research, disability and workers’ compensation, infectious-disease control, workplace stress, diabetes at the work site, toxicology, ergonomics, OSHA regulations and more.

April 29-30
Las Vegas
SHRM Staffing Management Conference & Expo
This program will provide staffing professionals with talent management strategies to help maximize their ability to attract and retain valuable employees during a difficult labor market. Sessions on how technology can influence and impact the staffing function will be among the program offerings.


May 3-6, 2009
Naples, Florida
Recognition Professionals International 12th Annual ConferenceThe value of a solid employee recognition system in an economic downturn will be the focus of the tools, tips and techniques delivered at this event.

May 6-8
Great Place to Work Conference
Featuring leaders, practitioners and research from Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For, this event is designed for workplace leaders committed to building better workplaces. Best practices will be offered on how to manage people in challenging times, leverage culture for business success, support work/life balance and stay ahead of the market through constant innovation.

May 11-15, 2009
APQC’s 14th Annual Knowledge Management Conference and Training
Innovations in the transfer and use of knowledge, new paradigms and best practices will be the focus of this event, which offers a training component May 11-13 and a conference May 14-15.

May 12
HRA-NCA D.C. Annual State Conference
“HR and the Bottom Line: New Strategies for a New Economy”
This year’s Human Resource Association of the National Capital Area conference will be a daylong strategy session to provide HR professionals with innovative ways to strengthen the bottom line through sessions divided into three tracks: next-generation talent management, legal sense and results-driven leadership.

May 12-13
CareerXroads Colloquium: Branding
Hosted by, this program will offer ideas for creating a great experience for each stakeholder and using employee referrals to leverage employee value proposition. Each colloquium relies on attendee input prior to the event, and the agenda will be adjusted to reflect the interests of participants.

May 13-14
Brussels, Belgium
HR as Business Partner Conference 2009: Revolutionizing the Strategic Partnership of HR
This conference will focus on how to evolve HR from an administrative role to a strategic role. New HR architecture, HR transformation, aligning HR and business strategy, business partner model, the HR line manager, HR marketing, identifying future leaders, HR’s role in organizational culture and measuring business partnering success will be among the workshops offered.

May 15
HRLAW Philippines
This seminar will provide insight into labor laws and human resources practices in the Philippines. Some of the issues covered will include employment conditions, compensation and benefits, and disciplinary processes.

May 18-19
San Francisco
Infohrm Third Annual Workforce Planning Summit
This event will focus on integrating workforce planning with risk and financial management, with workforce planning experts from Hewlett-Packard, T-Mobile, ArcelorMittal, Pepperdine University and the Conference Board.

May 19-21
Sixth Annual Corporate University Summit
This year, with a focus on doing more with less and on informal and alternative learning, the summit will bring together learning and development leaders to discuss best practices and strategies for preparing a best-in-class internal training program.

May 20-21
HR in the Driver’s Seat
The 18th annual Gulf Coast symposium on human resources issues is sponsored by HR Houston, one of the largest SHRM affiliates in the country. This year’s conference is designed as a tune-up for career development as well as an opportunity to gather knowledge on how to initiate or improve company programs that will make a difference during difficult times.

May 31-June 3, 2009
Total Rewards 2009 Conference and Expo
WorldatWork’s annual conference offers HR strategies on how to attract, motivate and retain talented employees and help companies achieve their business strategies. Covered topics include total rewards, compensation, benefits, work/life balance and executive rewards.


June 1-3
Kansas City, Missouri
Savvy Self-Funding Healthcare Conference and Expo
Started as a community effort in 2005, this annual conference educates employers and plan sponsors about self-insured plans and overall cost trends. A vendor expo will include both carriers and brokers.

June 2
Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI Benefits Forum
The 16th program in a series of benefits forums, this event is designed to offer a more intensive and participatory dialogue than at large-scale conferences. Participants will hear from senior executives at corporations with leading-edge benefits models in a vendor-free setting. Segments will focus on the impact of the current economy on national health care reform, expansion of consumer-driven health plans and HSAs, developing company strategies in response to current health care reform initiatives, retiree medical redesign, trends in executive benefits, and managing global benefits.

June 3
Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI Talent and Leadership Development Forum
This event is designed to offer a more intensive and participatory dialogue than at large-scale conferences. Participants will hear from senior executives at corporations with leading-edge talent identification and leadership development in a vendor-free setting. Topics will include: the impact of the current economy in recruitment and retention; developing a long-term talent strategy; how to motivate, retain, engage and communicate with talent that companies want to keep; and high-potential development programs.

June 9-10
San Francisco
Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference
This event is designed to help HR executives get out of the transactional, tactical day-to-day activities of sourcing, interviewing and making offers and move into talent acquisition as a business strategy. Each session will include an interactive component and opportunities to collectively brainstorm while working together to solve big issues.

June 14-18
Las Vegas
Call Center Week
This 10th annual event, organized by IQPC, attracts more than 500 of the world’s leading call center decision makers to discuss industry research and focus on strategies for reducing costs, improving customer experience, achieving short- and long-term growth and developing customer relationships as key to long-term success in any economic situation.

June 16-17
Workforce Planning Conference
This conference will feature thought leaders in strategic workforce planning to share their strategies and detail
implementations that work and how they successfully combine the use of technology with disciplined business processes and practices to create high-impact results. The conference will lead off with new research findings on identifying business value in workforce planning followed by sessions delivered by executives from Wolters Kluwer, Aetna, HodesIQ, Starbucks and more.

June 17-19, 2009
Lisbon, Portugal
Employee Assistance European Forum Summer Conference
“Supporting Employees in Challenging Times” will be the focus of this event, geared toward HR professionals involved in managing employee assistance and work/life programs for overseas employees.

June 28-July 1, 2009
New Orleans
SHRM Conference & Exposition
The 61st annual conference will provide HR professionals of all levels access to thought leaders in human resources, academia, business, globalization and leadership. Participants will learn strategies and techniques for improving their work and the workplace.

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