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Ethos Orthodontics speeds up payroll processing with

By Gustav Anderson

Dec. 7, 2021

Ethos Orthodontics has been practicing high-quality orthodontic treatment for over 40 years. With 100 staff and nine locations, they’ve grown to become one of the most reliable practices in their community. While finding a registered specialist can be straightforward, it’s the attention given to the whole experience and commitment to their customers that sets Ethos apart.


Like many growing businesses, Ethos Orthodontics is constantly looking for ways to improve and provide better service. For business manager Lisa Hanna, employee scheduling and payroll processing were two of the most labor-intensive and burdensome processes for Ethos and were quickly identified as problems once the organization began to grow.

“From start to finish, wages would take me about three days,” Hanna recalls, “Generally I’d spend a few hours each Sunday printing out and processing timesheets to get them ready for payroll that week.” 

This manual method of managing staff and processing pay was both time-consuming and risky. Prone to consistent error, the potential for timesheets to be recorded inaccurately was extremely high. With Ethos’ outdated system, it was extremely difficult to update schedules once they were made, and even more tedious to communicate any changes made to staff members. 

Ethos Orthodontics needed a single, cloud-based workforce management solution to reduce administrative time spent on scheduling and timesheet recording. Moreover, managers required capabilities to prevent and correct errors in payroll easily, as well as effective tools to manage rosters across multiple locations.

SOLUTION and Ethos Orthodontics teamed up to eliminate attendance inefficiencies and streamline the scheduling process. In less than a month, Ethos managed to onboard all staff into and run error-free payroll. “We had time clocks, we had payroll, we had scheduling – it was just seamless,” says a beaming Hanna.’s scheduling and attendance system generates the timesheets needed for each pay run, including all the correct rates, penalties, and allowances. Management no longer wrestles an outdated scheduling system, now having the ability to quickly and easily create and edit shifts and automatically publish them for all staff to see. Comments on each shift clarify any ambiguity about the work completed, meaning Hanna and other managers don’t need to follow up with employees about wrong or missing information on timesheets. 


Ethos Orthodontics provides care and service to the community now more efficiently than ever before. Here are some of the ways in which has made a major impact on Ethos’ ability to achieve this kind of exceptional care:

Reduced manual data entry automatically generates accurate timesheets for managers to approve as staff work their schedules. Hanna no longer spends countless hours on Sundays preparing timesheets for payroll – the new system does the work for her. Now, it only takes a few clicks to approve and export timesheets in time for payroll processing, improving administrative productivity and reducing the risk 

Seamless payroll integration

With its open API, integrates directly with Ethos’ payroll and HRIS systems, ensuring quick and accurate pay runs with one click. Timesheets are automatically generated as staff members report their time daily; once the pay period ends, Hanna simply approves and exports the timesheets into the payroll system.

“I don’t chase timesheets anymore,” Hanna remarks. “When it comes to payroll I just do it when I do it, there is no comparison to the old system.”of human error. 

Empowerment via the mobile app

Ethos staff members can view their schedules, clock in, and request shift swaps on the app, keeping everyone on the same page, all day, every day. Employees are also able to rate and review shifts whenever they clock out directly from their phones, helping management better understand what kinds of schedules work and which don’t.  

Improved frontline visibility

With’s platform providing live insights on things like labor costs, attendance, and breaks, Ethos management now has more control over issues impacting frontline staff across all nine of their locations. Moreover, all of the data is centrally located in a cloud-based system, helping Ethos align better as an organization. 

Ethos Orthodontics is committed to delivering the best possible customer experience, and the only way to do this is to have the right people working at the right time. The team at Ethos uses to keep things simple, now never having to worry about inaccurate payroll or overly-complicated scheduling.

“[] understood what we wanted and that made things very easy,” says Hanna. “To them, it seemed really logical what we were looking for, and it happened really quickly. We couldn’t be happier.”

Gustav is a communications and product marketing specialist for He has a keen interest in frontline labor issues, pigeons, and fulfilling every level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

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