Employee Evaluation Checklist

By Staff Report

Mar. 23, 2001

Supervisor’s Evaluation Checklist of Employees

Name of Employee:
Supervisor Name:
Supervisor Title:

Please rate employee accordingly:

Relationswith Others: Attitude-Applicationto Work:
_Exceptionally well accepted
_ Works well with others
_ Gets along satisfactorily
_ Some difficulty working withothers
_ Works very poorly with others
_ Unable to communicate
_Outstanding in enthusiasm
_ Very interested and industrious
_ Average in diligence
_ Somewhat indifferent
_ Unable to evaluate
Judgment: Dependability:
_Exceptionally mature
_ Above average in makingdecisions
_ Usually makes the right decision
_ Often uses poor judgment
_ Consistently uses poor judgment
_ Unable to evaluate
_Completely dependable
_ Above average dependability
_ Usually dependable
_ Sometimes neglectful or careless
_ Unreliable
_ Unable to evaluate
Abilityto Learn: Qualityof Work:
_Learns very quickly
_ Learns readily (minimalsupervision)
_ Average in learning
_ Rather slow to learn
_ Very slow to learn
_ Unable to evaluate
_ Very good
_ Average
_ Below Average
_ Very poor
_ Unable to evaluate
ServesClients/Customers: Workswith Diversity:
_Extremely attuned to needs of clients
_ Very supportive, enthusiastic
_ Satisfactory
_ Inconsistent
_ Unable to evaluate
_Excellent awareness/respect for cultural differences
_ Recognition of standards otherthan his/her own
_ Needs improvement
_ Lack of willingness to acceptothers
Negotiating/ProblemSolving Ability:
_ Regular
_ Irregular
_ Regular
_ Irregular
_Excellent use of resources
_ Clearly identifiesproblems/solutions
_ Listens and provides support
_ Unable to independently resolveconflict
_ Unable to evaluate

Using the scale provided, please check theperformance category which best describes the employee’s overall performance:

_ Outstanding
_ Exceeded expectations
_ Met all performance standards
_ Met some performance standards
_ Substantially below normal expectations

Indicate any particularstrengths/weaknesses you feel this employee possesses:



Describe what you feel the employee haslearned during this experience, and what personal or professional growth he/shehas demonstrated:



Make any comments regarding the workexperience you feel is appropriate:



If there were a position available,would you consider hiring this person as a full-time employee?



This report has been discussed with theemployee: _ Yes  _ No


Used with permission from the ManchesterCommunity-Technical College, Manchester, CT, 06045-1046, 860/647-6077.January 19, 2001

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