Dorrean: Optimas Silver Winner for Benefits

By Rita Pyrillis

Dec. 9, 2013

Optimas 2013

With work-life balance becoming increasingly important to workers, employers are finding ways to give them more flexibility in taking time off. At Dorrean, a consulting firm that provides management, engineering and information technology services to the federal government, employees decide when to take time off.Dorrean

The 10 consultants at Reston, Virginia-based Dorrean don’t work a traditional 40-hour week as they respond to fast-changing demands of government contracts, according to company officials. Full-time employees are given a pool of hours that they can use or get paid for and are not required to accrue or track vacation time. There are no set holidays.

For improving customer service with its work-life balance program, Dorrean is the winner of the silver Optimas Award for Benefits.

Rita Pyrillis is a writer based in the Chicago area.

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