Determining Job Requirements

By Staff Report

Nov. 5, 1999

Determine exactly what the jobrequirements are before looking at any resume—or even placing an ad. It salmost impossible to find qualified candidates if the job requirements areunclear. In addition, think of what the organization needs for excellent jobperformance in two categories: Can-do criteria (tangible functional skills);and will-do criteria (intangible attitudes, attributes and fit).

Reread job descriptions andconsult with others in the company to enhance criteria selection. Brainstormand write down key criteria in order of importance.

For example, the managementinformation systems (MIS) department is looking for a programmer/analyst.

A list of can-do criteria mightinclude:

·Four years data processingexperience, systems design and programming expertise in COBOL and RPG in a DOSenvironment

·Knowledge of online and batchsystems

·Familiarity with DOS, JCL andutilities with VSAM/SAM

·College degree in math orcomputer science

·Knowledge of insurance,financial services, accounting or similar industry.

A list of will-do criteria couldinclude:


·Problem-solving ability

·Ability to work well underpressure

·Liason ability

·Time management skills

·Team player


With this list in hand, you ll beable to evaluate potential candidates much more effectively.

SOURCE: RecruitmentToday, “The Right Way to Read a Resume, Spring 1990, Vol. 4, No. 2, Reprint#72. Copyright c 1990 by ACC Communications Inc. All rights reserved.

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